Graduate Opportunities within Glencore

We welcome recent graduates and offer opportunities around the globe, across a vast scope of disciplines including finance, information technology, logistics, operations, trading, safety, health, environment, commercial and human resources and community engagement.

Our entrepreneurial spirit runs across over 50 countries in which we operate, supported by a structure that minimizes red tape and bureaucracy. Our decentralised approach offers our people greater responsibility and accountability to make the right decisions for the businesses and communities in which they operate.

As a graduate in our Corporate Marketing Offices we also provide you with the opportunity to work and learn through on-the-job experience and collaboration with the most experienced and accomplished colleagues across the world.

We also offer a variety of Internship Programs across a broad range of disciplines in the summer vacations.

Our natural resources play an essential role in people’s lives and we offer our employees a career where they can gain access to unrivalled opportunities.

The Glencore Oil Division offer an annual Global Trader Commercial Graduate Scheme – London Office. Successful applicants in this scheme will be employed within in our dynamic trading environments, with graduates undertaking a structured training program that will offer development into front line trader or other key commercial roles.

Our graduates will undertake key roles, in areas such as Operations, Risk Management and Oil Analysis, as part of an ongoing learning and development process before being assessed for a Trading role. Our approach fosters the highest level of professionalism, personal ownership and commercial aptitude in all of our employees. Our schemes necessitate a long-term and thorough learning discipline; individuals are encouraged to take on responsibility at the earliest opportunity in order to progress.

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