“They talk about graduating to the big league. Well jobs don’t come any bigger than this.”

“I can see opportunities around me every day. It’s in my job description to seize them whenever I can.”

“Earning while I learn is perfect for me. I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything.”

“Taking on responsibility never weighs heavily on me. It’s at the heart of everything we do here.”

Current Opportunities

Graduate Programmes


At Glencore we want you to succeed, not just for the benefit of the organisation but also so you can achieve your own career goals. Our creative and experienced professionals will challenge you each step of the way – to think differently, ask questions and come up with creative solutions. This is your opportunity to test your skills and creativity in real situations. You’ll help to create positive partnerships with communities, and make a lasting contribution to society.

Our entrepreneurial spirit runs across over 50 countries in which we operate, supported by a structure that minimises red tape and bureaucracy.

Our decentralised approach offers our people greater responsibility and accountability to make the right decisions for the businesses and communities in which they operate.

Our attitude attracts visionary people. We expect a lot, but we give a lot in return and we recognise and reward exceptional work.